Angel Pets Memorial Gallery | Pet Memorials

This Angel Pets Memorial Gallery  page is dedicated to our customers beloved angel pets. 

These little angels passed through our lives too quickly but left their memories in our hearts and minds forever. 

Our wish for everyone who grieves for their beloved pet is that--Each new day is filled with more and more of the healing memories.  The healing memories of the Billions of Loving, Happy and Healthy moments with their Beloved Angel.  We Three Sisters-Cathy, Carol, & Susie

Visit our Ever My Pet Poem page for a poem of support and loving tribute.

CookieCookieCookie--We love you, and we will always miss you.
LilyLilyLily, how I loved you so very much! My heart breaks that you aren't here to meow and follow me around the house anymore. Your brother Jack is missing you and sleeping in your spot on the bed. I hope you are in a better place and at peace and no more pain. I hope that when it's my turn that the Rainbow bridge is true and I'm going to get to see you and hold you again. I love you so much my little Lily bear. I will always love you. May you rest in peace. <3
Cheetah 2002 – 2016 Cheetah 2002 – 2016  Cheetah (Puff) was a very important member of our family. She loved to wrestle with the boys and cuddle with the girls. She was the first to jump in front of potential danger to protect us and we would have done the same for her (if she would have let us). She was intertwined in every aspect of our lives and will be missed immensely. It’s impossible to imagine our lives without her.
Stryker (1999 - 2015)Stryker (1999 - 2015)Stryker was the most loyal and devoted companion. From the moment she was first adopted thirteen years ago, I knew my life would never be the same. I actually went to the shelter that fateful day to look at another cat, but when Stryker’s little paw reached out and literally grabbed my arm as I walked by her cage, I knew it was all over… she completely stole my heart. She was fearless, always easy going and never let anything bother her. Through the ups and downs of life and love, we always had each other. I can still picture her sitting on my lap, looking at up me with her big green eyes that were filled with so much love and adoration. Stryker was more than just a cat, she was my best friend. She will remain forever in our hearts and our memories, eternally loved.
RexRexRex, June 22, 2014-September 20, 2015. Rex our loving Standard Poodle could not overcome a heart problem and was taken from us at the age of 15 months...Rex was a wonderful friend. The only consoling factor is the fact, that we gave our little man the best 13 month of love and caring anyone could give. He in return gave us his love and devotion for the short time he blessed us. Rex you along with Rusty and Max will forever be in our hearts, until the day we will be reunited. We will once again play our games and go for our walks and will be happy again. Mom and Dad love you so much. Your friendship and loyalty is keeping us afloat, even though our hearts were ripped out. Love you little man and please wait for us at the Rainbow bridge.
MaxMaxMax, Mom and Dad miss you and your happy smile. I see you standing at the Door to the Garage with your tail up telling me, Dad come on it’s time for our ride and walk by the pond. I took you there every day first thing in the morning rain or shine snow or dry. You were the most loyal friend anyone could wish for and you never asked for much, just a hug here and there and good food and of course all the treats you could handle. You are in heaven now along with Rusty. But I know, that both you and Rusty are waiting for us at the Rainbow bridge and I promise to hug you again and take you on your beloved rides and walks. Max you will forever live in our hearts to our dying days. We love you Max and will let you rest now next to Rusty.
RustyRustyOur beloved Rusty. Our loyal and loving friend since 1998 has left us today and gone to heaven. We will always love our Rusty and one day will be reunited with her. We held her in our loving arms as she went to sleep. She will be our angel.
BoscoBoscoWe celebrate the life of Bosco, our sweet baby Boscie. DARE (Dachshund Adoption Rescue and Education) rescued him from a dog pound. Hot Dog stared him down the entire ride home. Hot Dog bullied Bosco, but eventually accepted him as a true brother. Hot Dog taught Bosco how to howl and how to catch a Charlie Bear mid flight. Bosco taught Hot Dog how to dig a hole under the fence and how to fetch a pumpkin pie off the kitchen counter. Bosco celebrated every meal as if it were Christmas morning. He loved to belly crawl and Tootsie Roll. He loved Greenies, Twizzlers, and licking the spoon. He loved to snuggle under the blankie with Hot Dog. His favorite Halloween costume was Count Spooky Tooth. Bosco was known by many names, including Mouse, Penguin, Chubby Paw, Tootsie, Grey Beard, Slippery Pete, Leather Nose, Deedle Dee, Scovy, Binky and Powder Sugar. Bosco has now sprouted Powder Sugar wings and flown to the Rainbow Bridge. He rolls in the green grass and marks every bush in the park. He plays “Catch and Release” with the squirrels. He has united with Heidi, Heinz, Duchess, Skipper, Sam, Tim, Penny, Brinkley, Jake and Stevie Wonder. He brags how wonderful his life was living in Dunedin, Florida with his Mama and Papa. He sent us a double Rainbow shortly after he left, just to say he is okay. We will see our Sweet Baby Boscie again when he runs to meet us at the end of the White Tunnel.
MollyMollyJuly 22, 2006 - November 14, 2013 Molly Girl, You were a loyal companion, protector and friend to the end. You were a real trooper and the best girl. We will love and miss you forever Bully Girl! XOXOXO
LilliLilli"Lilli I miss you so much. You taught me that what matters in life is to stay close to those you love. Thirteen years have flown by. I wanted to spend a lot more time with you. I hope that one day we will meet again and we will be together again. Forever. Waiting, I will cherish your memory. I will continue to talk about you, I will continue to look for with the hope to see you. I will always carry you in my heart. Shakespeare's Sonnet seems to be written for you. "Shall I compare you to a summer's day? You are more lovely and more delightful:........ Valeria
BrunoBrunoJob 12:7-10 "Ask the animals, and they will teach you." He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
BrunoBruno7/12/2012 – 02/01/2013 Bruno Toney, Gone But Never Forgotten Bruno was a very special little boy who stole my heart the first time I saw him. You were only with us for a very short time but we loved you very much and you brought us great joy. We know your in a better place now with Maddie and the rest of our beloved pets who have passed on before you. Until we meet again Bruno Boy, RIP and we love you and miss you very much. The Toney Family
LuckyLuckyWe adopted Lucky, over 16 years ago, the time has come when we were forced to face the unimaginable grief. As we grieve, my mind wanders over countless memories. . Words seem inadequate to describe how much this little puppy meant to us and the sorrow we must now endure. I have no doubt we will use Luck’s examples of how to live - to learn to live again without him. We were together a painfully short time but a family forever.
Calie DannoCalie DannoCalie Danno (2/8/98 – 6/19/13) -- My beloved Wheaten Terrier with the sweetest spirit and most loving heart. I’ll miss your gentle kisses, long walks along the lake, squirrel chasing, cuddling, and undying devotion. Forever in my heart, my little shadow and faithful companion. Rest “my girl.”
ChloeChloeChloe.....1/1997 - 5/2013.....FOREVER LOVED
Amber Lynn-Amber Lynn-You stole Daddy’s heart the moment he saw you and he decided you would be ours. He brought you home and you soon became Mom-mom’s girl (except when Daddy had food!). Twelve years of love and happiness went by so fast! You spent the days guarding your yard through the window and laying on the back of the couch in the sun. At night you were Mom-mom’s sleeping buddy. When the diagnosis was cancer, we knew our time with you was short and therefore more precious than ever. During the last four months, you were the center of our world - little else mattered. You accepted the vet visits, tests, and treatments with little complaint or protest (including your shirt since I refused to have you wear a cone). As you showed little sign of discomfort or pain, we did our best to read your body language and keep you comfortable. On Monday, 10/22/12, you suddenly became very sick. Despite the pain in our hearts, Daddy and I knew it was time for your angel wings. We miss you terribly - your “talking“, your purring, your quivering tail! We loved you enough to let you move on to Rainbow Bridge and can’t wait to see you again. Until that day arrives, we will keep you with us in our hearts. May you rest in peace, our precious baby girl! ----- Love, Mom-mom and Daddy---Posted Nov 5, 2012
BearBearDear Bear (aka “Woofer”): Words cannot explain how much we miss you and your “woof” bark every morning to let us know you were ready to eat. We never anticipated you not being here to celebrate your 13th birthday on November 5th as you weren’t showing any signs of not feeling well until the day you didn’t want your Kong. When we took you to see the vet, we got the devastating diagnosis of cancer which had rapidly spread through your body. We will always cherish the good memories and fun times we spent together. While we know you are in a better place and are with Hunter and Gram, our hearts still hurt so much. We know you are enjoying all of the things you loved so much like: riding in the front seat of the car; sticking your head out the window so that the wind could blow in your face; eating Kong’s filled with peanut butter; and running and fetching tennis balls with Nickoli and Chief. Pappy, Mommy, Nickoli and Chief love you very much.---Posted Oct 28, 2012
Hunter Hunter Dear Hunter – Words cannot explain how much we miss our best friend, proud puppy dog and “Doodlebug”. We will always cherish all the special memories we shared together. May you again be able to enjoy the things you loved so much like riding in the car with your head out the window so that the wind can gently blow in your face, going swimming, fetching tennis balls, eating frozen Kong’s filled with peanut butter, going to McDonalds to get cookies, taking walks, watching Sponge Bob Square Pants while we were at work, observing the train go around the track under the Christmas tree and hanging out with Pap Pap, just to name a few. Pappy, Mommy and The Boys love you and miss you very much.
Jeda, Tiny Tim, & PeanutJeda, Tiny Tim, & PeanutJeda, 1996-2010; My closest and most beloved companion…I love you more than life itself. ***** Peanut, 1996 – 2012; The Gentlest and sweetest kitty I have ever had the privilege to love.***** Tiny Tim, February 2008 – May 2008; God Bless you my little man. Your star burned far too short, but ever so brightly.***** I thank God for trusting me with your care and for blessing my life with your wonderful friendships.
ChicoChicoIn loving memory of our sweet angel, Chico. He kept all of our secrets safe, protected us from harm, and was the most loving companion we could ever ask for. He could be a nuisance but that just brought us all closer together. His silly ways made us laugh and smile and we'll never forget the way he would play ball, by passing it by nudging it with his nose. You made our life whole and now it feels like a piece of us is missing. I know you're always right by our side, gone but never forgotten. We love you and miss you, Chico.
SadieSadieIn Loving Memory of my Beloved, Sweet Silly Sadie, a Basset Hound who brought me great joy every single day of her life! I was blessed to have Sadie in my life for 15 years and now she will be "Forever in My Heart". A beautiful, funny baby with a personality that brought a smile to the face of everyone that met her. She was one of the true loves of my life and is deeply missed......
KiraKiraKira, we were very fortunate to have had you in our lives for almost 11 years. Thank you for all the fun times and companionship you gave us. You were a very good dog and gave us unconditional love every day. We will miss you very much and think of you always. Have fun with Nina. Love, mom and dad.
NinaNinaNina- You gave us joy for 6 wonderful years. We will always love you and remember you. We hope you can play with your tennis ball all day in doggie Heaven. Mom and Dad
TillieTillieMy Tillie. You are my heart. We first went to look at you and your sister and you were so tiny. But you were feisty. You ran right over and untied my shoes and entered my soul. From day one you were loved completely. You gave us everything you had and only asked us to love you. Oh how we loved you. You were my companion, my listener, my comforter and my child. You brought so much joy to everyone you came in contact with. You even gave Pop an extra year of life just by entertaining him and loving him. What a special gift from God you were to us. Our hearts break now..but only because we love you so much. There is no more pain in your eyes, no more having to take pills morning and night. We know you are running and catching that little ball at the Bridge with all the other angels. Dad and Mom will always, always love you. We can't wait til the day you catch a glimpse of us in your eyes, run to us and fill us with your kisses. What a glorious day it will be when we all cross that bridge together. With all our love forever, Mom and Dad to our beautiful little Princess Chantillie
GizmoGizmoWe love and miss you so much Gizmo. I hope you found lot's of bones and treats in heaven.
LuckyLuckyI held you in my hands minutes after your birth and will forever hold you in my heart. Shine bright my Lucky star, the heavens will now embrace you. With endless love, Mommy and Daddy
IngridIngridHere is a picture of my beautiful fur baby, Ingrid. Faithful and loving companion.
PootiePootiePootie was born December 5, 2000 at my home in the middle of the night. She was daughter to Slickie and Granddaughter to Meg. Meg woke me up and I held Pootie for the first time within the hour or two that she was born. I had found a home for her when she was six weeks old and the person who was going to take her, kept putting off picking her up so after a little bit of time went by, I decided she was mine. Right before she was going to turn 1 years old she was out front with adult supervision and a thunderstorm came and she ran off. I put posters out with her picture on it and a couple of weeks went by and I did not hear anything. My Mom kept telling me she had found a good home. I didn’t care, I wanted my Pootie back. Then all of a sudden, neighbors responded, saying they had seen her but she would not come to them. Then one evening around dusk time I was driving the neighborhood in search for her. I found her and after a little bit of talking to her she realized who I was. Pootie had been missing for close to a month and had already turned a year old and she had missed my birthday too. Pootie would look in the sliding glass door when she heard me come home waiting for her treats. She would always get excited and bark for her treats when she saw me. Pootie died suddenly outside under the deck on a Saturday when my husband and I were home, letting out a high pitched howl which we heard. We don’t know what Pootie died from. We were just grateful that the Lord took her as quickly as he did because Pootie always had a young spirit about her and a very positive outlook on life. My husband, Mark got to know Pootie when she was around 5 years old. Mark had not had pets in years because it hurts when they die. Mark has had to endure Fancy, Pepper, and Pootie’s death with me within 10 months. I have a wonderful husband and family and we miss our babies but we praise the Lord that he is real and we will again see them some day.
Oscar and KaiserOscar and KaiserTo Oscar and Kaiser: ----------------------------------------- God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be so he put his arms around you and whispered, "Come to Me" ----------------------------------------------------------------------- With tearful eyes we watched you and saw you pass away and although we love you dearly we could not make you stay. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Golden heart stopped beating hard working paws at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best------------------------------------------------------------ Love, Mommy and Daddy
PepperPepperPepper came into my life shortly after Fancy had who is on this memorial page too (just below). Pepper showed up at my job meowing and begging for food. She helped me through my hard times and then we met Mark who is my husband now. Pepper was very happy and content when Mark came into her life and one of the ways she showed her love to him was by waking him up in the middle of the night by placing her paw on his face. Pepper was always interested when Mark was eating hamburger patties and would suddenly show up and come sit on the floor beside him looking up at him with her beautiful big green eyes. She was a Dallas Cowboy fan and watched the games with us. Pepper was "our protector" as she was always there when any family member seemed to be upset or in trouble. She had a gift for knowing what we were feeling and would quietly appear to take charge of the situation if needed. We will always rejoice in the Lord for honoring us by giving us such a wonderful gift by letting us be Pepper's parents.
FancyFancyFancy showed up on a cold rainy night in my garage. I cried when I saw her. I had asked God to send me a little black female kitty. Fancy helped me through some of the most difficult years of my life. She was always willing to go with me anywhere and liked to ride in my lap.-----I will always thank God for honoring me with the gift of letting me be Fancy's Mom.
XOIXOIThis is our XOI, we only had a short couple of years with her. From a baby kitty she had intestine problems that we tried correcting with different kinds of foods a medications. Just wasn't enough! She eventually got sick enough where we felt that she needed to be put to sleep and go to much better place. My husband stayed with her to the end which I wouldn't have been able to do so I envy him for this! She was his baby, she was very jealous of me. I couldn't sit next to my husband without her butting in and thinking she needed his attention. She was always at our feet, tormenting the dog, and stealing our socks. We still think to this day that she was part dog =) she would come when you whistled, play with dog toys, and the day we put her to sleep she insisted on putting her head out the window on the the way to the vet in the middle of winter! She will be greatly missed and every time we see the permanent dent on the back of the couch where she slept for the last two years it will remind us of all the memories we had with her! From the proud parents of XOI!
Mele Kalikimaka (Mele)Mele Kalikimaka (Mele)This is Mele Kalikimaka which is Merry Christmas in Hawaiian where we got our sweet little punkin. We call her Mele for short. She almost made it 20 years, 1992 - 2011. She traveled the world living in Hawaii and Europe with us and then retired with us back on the mainland of the United States. Mele helped our children survive childhood, adolescence and grow into adults and gave our granddaughter almost 3 years with her. She heard everyone of their growing pains. She just always had that knowing look of wisdom in her eyes which was always a comfort and reassurance to us. She was our little matriarch. Mele - we miss couch time with you, having coffee and you snuggling on me while I wear my big fluffy robe. We miss and love you with all our hearts. Thank you for the honor of your love and faithfulness to our family.
IvyIvyThis is our beloved Ivy. She gave us 16 years of unconditional love and joy. We love her and will miss her forever.
Charles Emerson Winchester FrittsCharles Emerson Winchester FrittsCharles Emerson Winchester Fritts, You chose me 11 years before you left me. You were the best friend I could ever have. I loved you with all my heart. I am happy you don't suffer anymore, but I wish we could've had more time. I miss you so much, Love. Kimberly W. Fritts
CaliCaliThis is my angel named Cali. I adopted Cali when she was a year and a half. She was nearly 17 when she passed away due to chronic renal disease (CRF). Cali was first diagnosed having CRF in July 2010. I almost lost her twice but Cali was a strong little girl and pulled through with the help of my vet and days of research on the net. On April 19th 2011 Cali's health rapidly deteriorated. On April 26th 2011 Cali passed away. Cali you were and always will be my best friend forever. I can think back and recall all the many times you made me laugh and smile.-----I am truly blessed for having Cali beside me for fifteen years.-----I will remember her forever.----- I love you, Cali.
SamSamSAM-----rescued in Feb. 2004, Passed April 4, 2011. You have been a great friend and member of this family.----- We will always remember your gentle personality and loving spirit. We know that your life had been tough, but your last 7 years were wonderful. You will always be a part of this family and in our hearts forever.-----We love you, we miss you and we thank you faithful friend and companion.----- We will see you again one day.-----Love, Mom, Dad, Maggie and Chief
FluffyFluffyFluffy was the sweetest, smartest and most loving kitty. She was with me through thick and thin. I miss her so much. She will be remembered for ever.----- I love you, Fluffy.----- Rest in peace.
DotDot------We lost one of our beloved.. Dot passed away Feb 2nd at 1130 am. She was only 12 and a healthy and very social & friendly indoor cat. We took her in on the 19th of Jan because she had suddenly stopped eating. After x-rays and a barium test, the vet suspected a blockage so he opened her up to hopefully find a big hairball. instead he found nothing. no obstruction, just a abit of the food she barely ate the night before. She stayed the weekend at the vet with daily visits from Chuck and me.------ She perked up, we took her home last tuesday and fed her soft food. Still no answers but she was getting better. I even let her sleep on the bed which was a treat since she usually "talks" all night long. She curled up on my chest and put her paw on my face like she did when she was a kitten.------ By Thursday, she was lethargic again and not eating. She curled up quietly at the foot of the bed. My vet referred us to Gulf Coast Vet Hospital for ultrasound. They did ultrasound and opened her up again to remove adhesions and fluid buildup plus took biopsies. That evening she had a seizure and never totally came back from it. The next morning, her vitals were dropping . She needed critical life support measures just to make it through the next few hours. After that, prognosis was questionable. After a long talk, Chuck and I decided enough was enough. It was the toughest decision I've ever made.------My sadness comes mostly from knowing she suffered. Plus I miss her dearly. Fender is meowing around the house looking for his playmate. Our old blind girl,Alice, isn't much fun to him.------I Don't understand why she was taken away from me. I didn't realize how lucky I was to have such a good cat. Guilt and sadness lurk over me.------ I know there is a heaven for our pets which lies in our hearts. I pray that the spirit of her unconditional love lives in me so I can give back as she has given to me.------We almost canceled our vacation to Hawaii when this was going on, but decided we needed to get away. We will take some of the ashes and spread them over the garden in which we were married 12 years ago.------ The rest will go in the loving memorial.
LexiLexiLexi,----- I love you more than words can say. Saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Not a second goes by that I do not think of you. At times, I replay the sound of your bark. At other times I think about how your food and water bowls had to be straight with none of the silver bottom showing or else you would bark and not eat or how the phone cord had to be up or else you would not go in the kitchen. When I open the snack cabinet and see a box of Cheez-Its I think of you and when I open the refrigerator and see a stack of cheese. I will think of you with every Cheez-It and piece of cheese I eat. No matter what I am specifically thinking about, anything I think about that has to do with you makes me smile. You have this power over me, every little thing you did made me smile, Lex. Though I am writing this with tears in my eyes because I miss you so much, my heart is smiling. I have been truly blessed to be able to call you my dog and my best friend. Whenever I leave the house, I look for you so I can kiss you goodbye and whenever I come home I look again for my Lexi girl. It breaks my heart that you are gone. I miss you so much Lexi. I love you more than anything babygirl.----- Love always, Stephanie<3>
TangoTango"To my best friend Tango,----- You brought much joy and laughter to my life. You will always be in my heart and close to me in spirit. Thank you for all the love you brought to my life.----- I miss you baby!----- Love always, Your Mom"
ElmoElmoElmo Masters-Ferrell (2002-2010):----May you forever rest in peace our little Angel Boy. You had such a big heart and gentle soul. We will forever hold you in our hearts and remember you as the sweetest, gentlest, happiest puppy we ever loved!!!----Love, hugs and kisses forever, Mommy & Mommy
OnyxOnyxOnyx---aka"little man"--- was a furry bundle of joy to all who met him. He asked for so little yet gave so much in the love and affection he shared with our family, strangers, and other animals -- he even kissed a few cats in his day. Words cannot convey how much we miss him but we are comforted by the fact that he is eternally resting. ----"Gammaw", Auntie Shel, and Mama will always love you and hold onto to those sweet memories prior to the illness which took you away from us too soon.
Ginger AnneGinger AnneThis is my beloved Ginger Anne.---She was only two years old and died of a breed specific disease called "pug dog encephalitis". I plan on donating money to any foundations in the study of this to help others keep the ones they love for a full lifetime. She was extremely individual. We were so similar in so many ways and I hate the fact that she is gone. but she will come back to me some day, some how. . . I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER!---Love Your Mommy,---Rachelle Zerbach
DestinyDestinyDestiny--- Dear Baby Girl,--- May you always run like the wind. Now you can play again with Tiger. Thank you for 16 wonderful years. We love you and will miss you.--- Love, Mommy and Daddy
TigerTigerTiger---Our sweet Tiger Boy,--- May you always find a spot to soak up the sun.--- Love, Mommy and Daddy
MarciaMarciaMY MARCIA DOG--- It was September of '95 and I had just turned 19. Very much a lonely, awkward and angry teenager/young adult. I was in college in Boston and it seemed that everyone was dating somebody and I felt left out and dejected. So much that I was suicidal. The night before I ran into Marcia I "prayed" to the Powers that Be, which wasn't so much of a prayer as it was a tantrum. "Why did you put me here with no one to love and to be loved in return? Why are all my friends in relationships which have all to do with lust more than love, and you give me no one!?" The following night I went to Burger King before I went to my apartment to get a cinderblock and some rope. I thought if some people can do it unwanted puppies, I could throw myself into a river too. As I was approaching my apartment a black dog came running toward me and stopped at my feet to beg for some french fries. I noticed that she had human nail marks on her muzzle and was extremely emaciated, so I gave her my fries. After she wolfed them down she continued to walk off around the street corner sniffing and picking up whatever scraps she could find. In that moment I felt so small. Here I was ready to throw a life away without much thought and here this young being, obviously abused, was struggling just to survive another night. I looked up to the stars and said, "Really? Did You really send me a dog?" I thought I'd be smart and question the Universe sent gift. "Oh yeah, well if she answers to this I'll take it as a sign." All I said next aloud in the night was, "Dog if you're cold and wanna come in, come back." Next thing I know that black dog came from around the corner and joined me on the steps outside of my Alston apartment. We were inseparable from that moment on. From her I learned responsibility, finding that I can only love others if I love myself first, and live each day in the moment. Marcia was hit by a truck when she was 2 while under my mother and brother's care. My brother was careless and let her walk home off lead. I got a call while I was in finals week at school to come home and put my dog down. But when she saw me, she came out of shock and we then had the option of surgery. Being two weeks before Christmas, we of course opted for surgery, and after she saved me I felt that I owed her. She had to have her pelvis screwed to her spine and both hips had to be pinned and one knee had to be completely replaced. I was told she probably wouldn't walk for a while. But no one told her! She started walking as soon as she woke up from surgery. I was also told that she probably wouldn't run again. Wrong!! My family nicknamed her the bionic dog because it seemed that she was invincible! She was with me when I met my first real adult boyfriend and she was my maid of honor when we got married. She was with me for all of my moves from Boston to Maine and now California. I am blessed to have had her give me the best 15 years of my life. She has truly been my guardian, but most of all I am fortunate to have called her my Marcia.
SadieSadieSadie-9/13/1993-6/12/2010-----"Mer-Sadie, my baby girl, I have had you since the day that you were born, Sept. 13, 1993. My best friend, companion, & so much more-you will always hold a very special place in my heart. Thank you for being in my life-Momma luvs you, always & forever."
MickeyMickey" I loved him. He loved me. 13 years, 14 days".
FozzieFozzieMy heart breaks without you, but I am thankful that we had almost 9 years together. Thank you Fozzie for choosing me as your Mommy that day back in 2001. You will always be my Luvbug, my Bubbalicious!
ChanceyChanceyChancey our beloved, May the wind always be in your face and the squirrels to chase be plentiful. We will always love you and miss you terribly. Mom and Dad
DoodlesDoodlesDoodles, a dog of few words, strong opinions and much love.
LouieLouieAfter years of adopting cats and dogs with “issues” from the Animal Shelter, I was overjoyed to finally adopt two cats with the most gentle and tranquil dispositions I have ever seen! Louie and Benny were litter mates and the best of pals. Their 10th birthday was on March 8, 2009; at that time both boys were healthy and passed their annual physicals without a problem. Then Louie got sick– and despite our prayers and the Veterinarians’ best efforts, he couldn’t be saved. I want the world to know that my Louie was a wonderful guy and I will miss him forever. I was blessed to have him in my life and to hold him when he died, peacefully, at home on Nov. 11th, 2009. Ellen
Sammy all snuggled up to SimonSammy all snuggled up to SimonI adopted Sammy on an animal day in October of 2001. It was an animal day because I had taken my best friend to ride horses for her birthday. After our wonderful ride in the mountains of North Carolina, she decided to buy one of the Dalmatian pups they had at the ranch. Little Nia needed some puppy food and a new collar and leash so we stopped by a privately owned pet store that was owed by a woman who found Sammy behind some dumpsters when he was about 3 days old. The vet told her he wasn't going to make it, but he was always such a trooper! She got him through that rough beginning. Now at about 8 weeks old, I couldn't resist and I took him home with me. I ended up moving the following May to attend school to become a veterinary technician and Sammy was with me the whole way. When I graduated, I learned first hand about cats blocking from him...his first blockage...I was working at the vet school at that time and so new to the field that I was waiting to find out if I had passed my boards. He was hospitalized for 5 days at the vet school. It was hard going from being a nurse to a mommy. I was greatful to get him home with me where he slept under the covers at my belly for weeks while he mended. He blocked one more time in his life and had all but 2 of his teeth removed. He helped bring me knowledge and helped me become the technician that I am, but most importantly, he was always home waiting for me...especially on those rough days when it seemed we were not able to save any of the animals that came in. He was there to keep my legs warm throughout movies and books and there to remind me of what true love is. He is in my heart and I miss him even now. Mary H

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