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On October 8, 2007 our caring Veterinarian euthanized our beloved Sweet Pea to keep her from suffering from advanced kidney disease.  We decided that we wanted Sweet Pea cremated and we wanted her ashes with us.  Our Vet gave us a catalog of urns to choose from.  The choice was small but we chose a wood urn that we liked that holds our favorite picture of Sweet Pea in the garden.  When it came to picking the inscription for this tribute to Sweet Pea's life I just did not want to stand there and think about it.  I was deeply grieving the loss of our Sweet Pea. I wanted to go home and sob for our loss and hold her sister.  We ordered the urn without an inscription for the name plate. When the urn arrived, I had to take the name plate to a jeweler for the inscription and the price was over $40 for the engraving.

Two of my sisters and I found the solution to that problem with Ever My Pet.  "We Three Sisters" decided peole should be able to make those kinds of choices from a large selection to pick the perfect memorial.  We wanted people should be able to take their time in their own home when they were ready to sit down and search.  We have all felt the grief of losing a beloved pet, and know the level of comfort a pet memorial can provide now and in the future

We also wanted to provide the best customer service available. Between the three of us we have over 100 years of customer service skills and caring. Our experience includes Waitress, Bartender, Business Management, Office Management, Administration and Education.

We found a local family business that prides itself on providing top quality products for people in their time of loss with an exceptional guarantee of satisfaction. We have all felt the grief of losing a beloved pet, and know the level of comfort a pet memorial can provide now and in the future.

At Ever My Pet, people grieving the loss of a beloved pet can shop from home (in their own time) from over 800 pet tributes and memorial urns for the perfect tribute and the perfect inscription. We guarantee the highest quality products and best caring and sensitive customer service on the planet.

Free Engraving on nameplates.  Free Gound Shipping for any order over $100 within the continental US.  Compare and Save.  
Ever My Pet is family owned by We Three Sisters since 2007.  We make a donation in the name of your beloved pet to your choice of two wonderful animal sanctuaries. Contact us at 

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