Eternity Heart Gold Plated Cremation Jewelry
Eternity Heart Gold Plated Cremation Jewelry
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Gold Eternity Heart is out of stock until August 1, 2018

Stunning Eternity Heart Gold Plated Pendant to keep your loved one close to your heart forever. 

The Eternity Heart is a handcrafted jewelry pendant designed to hold fine cremains the inner heart chamber.
The pendant is 22mm X 30mm.  The order includes an 18” snake chain and an innovative filling and sealing kit.
The Eternity Heart is 18kt plated yellow gold over the base metal of brass.
The cremains are placed in a micro-chamber in the inner heart utilizing an innovative, easy to seal, “No Mess” fill and sealing kit. 
The Eternity Heart has (2) two primary differentiators from other memorial jewelry pieces;
1.     Originally designed as a high end fine jewelry pendant, it has a delicate, elegant and sophisticated appearance while being offered at a “fashion jewelry” price point.
2.     Innovative loading and patented sealing technology. Funeral Directors and others who place the cremains in the inner heart appreciate the fast, easy and reliable patented sealing technology.
  a.     The kit contains a “fine cremains pipette ” to easily extract fine cremains
  b.    A 10 mg fine cremains scoop accurately measures the exact amount of cremains for the inner heart chamber.
  c.    No glue is required to seal the chamber so there will never be damage to the jewelry from glue application errors. The micro screw has a patented dry coat self-activating sealing technology that       permanently seals the chamber within six hours. Funeral Directors like the dry coated sealing technology that provides “no hassle” and efficient filling.
  d.    The Eternity Heart can be ready for use immediately after sealing.

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