Ever My Shadow Short Hair Silver Tabby Cat Urn
Ever My Shadow Short Hair Silver Tabby Cat Urn
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Ever My Shadow dog and cat urns are meticulously designed, developed and manufactured in the United States, to capture the spirit of America’s favorite dog and cat breeds. These life-like charming sculptures will beautifully accent your home or office. They will also make wonderful gift for the pet enthusiast in your life.

Sculpturns® are made with a removable base providing easy access and generous enclosures to serve as wonderfully distinct pet urns. Ever My Shadow sculpturns® afford ample accommodation for your beloved angel pet’s cremains. They can be personalized by attaching the collar, license, or nametag of your special pet.

These pet sculpture urns are hand painted, and though durable, are intended for indoor use. We’re confident our sculpturns® will provide you with a lifetime of memories and service. Your pet deserves the best! Honor them with an Ever My Shadow sculpturn® Engraving is not available on these urns.

Approximate sculpturn capacity: Holds the ashes of up to a 56 lb pet
Approximate dimensions: 14.5"L x 7"W x 8"H

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Ever My Pet is family owned by We Three Sisters since 2007.  We make a donation in the name of your beloved pet to your choice of two wonderful animal sanctuaries. Contact us at 

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